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Crypto Exchange
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Crypto Exchange

Buy and sell coins quickly, simply and safely with Koloonia Exchange Platform.

Save on your cryptocurrency sales transactions to fiat with our maximum commission of 0.4 percent. Capitalize your digital assets in seconds and receive your funds in your local bank account in a few clicks.

Eliminate the exchange commissions for your trading or hold operations in the medium and long term using our internal token. Increase your benefits while protecting your active crypto effectively in our secure vault.


Blockchain Ecosystem

Actively participate in a digital world full of opportunities.







Service available now!

KoolCoin Token

Participate in the pre-launch of the first Koloonia token.

The Token KoolCoin® was born out of the need to find a good formula for users who operate with crypto coins on a regular basis. KoolCoin® is a formula based on the search for common benefit (win-win) and designed to reduce as much as possible the exchange rates applied to our users without affecting the quality and speed of the service.

Our token, based on the ERC-20 standard, allows our user community to reduce fees to a structural minimum for service provision.

The basis of the revaluation of our TOKEN exchange is based on the simplicity of its use and application. Its potential has been demonstrated after reaching a value of more than 2x in the pre-sales phase.

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Service available soon!

Invest safely

Participate in our selection of UTO projects based on real assets of high technological impact.

You invest preferentially in large technological projects and form part of the future at the hands of the Koloonia Business Consulting Department. We will select at least 2 UTO projects per year that offer a beautiful revaluation potential for our users.

Discover all the advantages of buying and selling security tokens offered by Koloonia and take advantage of its high liquidity in a world market.

Participate in our first project: A high-tech business center that will include a convention center, hotel, and nursery for blockchain-based startups in Estonia.

Bitcoin BTC
1 Bitcoin equals:
10963.71 EUR
Ethereum ETH
1 Ethereum equals:
351.59 EUR
KoolCoin KOO
1 KoolCoin equals:
1.0 EUR
Litecoin LTC
1 Litecoin equals:
47.64 EUR
Ripple XRP
1 Ripple equals:
0.2182 EUR
Zcash ZEC
1 Zcash equals:
54.36 EUR